Xbox Series X power cable length

I wanted to know the length of the Series X power cable. An easy answer I thought, except, not even the official Xbox website would tell me the length of the power cable!

I have my 4K TV hanging on my wall with all the wires embedded into the wall. With my Xbox off to the side on my tall bookcase. My consoles are my pride and joy so I put them on full display. I don’t hide them out of the way. I love the monolithic design of the Xbox Series X and want to proudly exhibit it. 

I just needed to know the length of the power cable. So I went digging and found the answer.

What is the Xbox Series X power cable length? The Xbox Series X power cable length is 5 feet, which makes it 1.5 meters. The Xbox Series X power cable is a standard figure 8 power cord (IEC C7). But please remember, the plug will vary from region to region.

That at least is one monolithic mystery solved, right?

But what if you need a longer power cable? Are the non-official Xbox power cables safe to use on your Xbox Series X?

Read on to discover that there is much more to the power of the mighty Xbox Series X when it comes to power.

Xbox Series X power cable length

Mircosoft is using a standard ‘figure 8’ power cable. This is fantastic news for you and me because it means that we can change the power cord easily and cheaply should anything happen. If you happen to be doing a bit of DIY around the house and you happen to get paint on it. God forbid you cut it by accident and somehow don’t die then it can easily be replaced. You could very easily just steal a cable from a different console. 

The length of the power cord is 1.5 meters or 5 feet long. This is the standard size for most Devices that come with this type of power cable. Using standard components like the power cable has allowed Mircosoft to like the price of the Xbox Series S/X competitive in today’s ever-evolving market. After all, Mircosoft has priced their 12 Teraflops beast at only $499, which is a miracle given how expensive PC graphics cards are these days. 

If having a 1.5 meters power cable was a trade-off then it is one I was happy with.

But what if you don’t have a standard set, what options do you have?

What if I need a longer power cable?

You need a longer power cable, but the cable Microsoft has included in the box is just shy of 5 feet in length. If you game on a monitor that may be fine for a lot of gamers.

But you have an entertainment setup with a new shiny 4K TV that will need a longer power cable for your Series X. Which means you need someone to step in with a custom power cable solution.

Enter the third party companies.

I’ll be honest, ever since my parents bought me a third party controller for my Xbox 360 that one Christmas, I’ve been suspicious of their quality. Not to mention compatibility is even more important of an issue to consider!

What if I told you that Amazon THEMSELVES offers their own branded Xbox power cable?

Available at 12 feet, this power cable is compatible to use with your Xbox Series X, and with a brand such as Amazon which is known worldwide, you can’t go wrong.

You need longer cable? 12 foot! Check!

Want a trusted brand? Amazon! Check!

With that issue sorted, you can now plug your Series X in and get gaming.

Afraid not, you will need to untangle the mess of cables behind your TV first! Especially if you need quick access to fix a power issue.

Why is cable management important?

If there is one thing no one enjoys come Christmas time, it is trying to untangle the big box of Christmas lights. If you’re smart, you should create a way to manage all those cables.

As a retro gamer, I have many consoles plugged into my entertainment setup, some of which date back to the ’90s!

I need to be able to access my power cables and know which cable belongs to what console. This meant I needed to sort out my power cables and get myself organized.

What did I do for cable management? Here are two of the easiest tips for achieving cable management bliss.

Firstly, I use the ever trusty zip tie to keep the cables together. You can organize the power cables by console brand, for example, all my Xbox console power cables are kept together.

Another trick you can use with this idea is to tie all your power cables together with one zip tie, and all your HDMI cables with another zip tie. This will keep the power cables and HDMI cables separate and from becoming a tangled mess.

The second tip for cable management bliss is wanting to know which plug belongs to what console. After all, you might want to unplug something to charge your phone for example.

Sticking a piece of paper using tape on each plug is simple enough and does work. But once the plug warms up, the paper and sticky tape normally peel off.

This is why I recommend taping sticky labels to the wire near the plug. Just write the name on the label first, then stick the wire to the middle, and then just fold the sticker on to itself.

If you can “borrow” some nail vanish, that works too. Remember to choose the color wisely before applying the nail varnish! I use green for all my Xbox consoles.

Now that your entertainment setup is more organized than a box of Christmas lights on a military base, what happens if your Xbox Series X does not want to power on at all?

What if my Series X won’t power on?

One of the worst things that can happen to you when showing off the incredible power of the Series X to your family and friends, is to push the power button and be greeted with a blank TV screen.

Your Series X lays silent, refusing to switch on! Your little brother runs out of the room before you can blame him.

You may be dying from embarrassment while feeling intense fear, but I’m here to let you know what the hell to do now!

Thankfully Microsoft has built in a few options into the Xbox Series X for you to try, before having to do anything drastic like sending your console back. Most times you get power issues, is because the power supply has not reset incorrectly after a power surge.

You can reset the Xbox Series X internal power supply by unplugging it and waiting  10 seconds. 

To reset the internal power supply, just follow this 4 step guide:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the console. Aren’t you glad you have all the plugs labeled now!
  2. Wait 10 seconds whilst trying not to despair.
  3. Plug the power cord back into your Series X.
  4. Press the Xbox power button on the front of the console. The Xbox logo is the power button.

If the console turns on, then congratulations! The internal power reset has worked and you should be up and running.

Now if you have this issue again, you can do these steps as many times as needed. However, if you are continuing to have power issues.

What if my Series X keeps having power issues?

If your Series X keeps having power issues and won’t turn on, try this 4 step guide next.

  1. Check that the wall outlet you’re using is working with other devices.
  2. Check that the power cable is firmly connected to the wall outlet and to your console. You won’t believe how common this is!
  3. Ensure that the power cable you are using is the correct cable. This could be the answer if you are using a third party cable that isn’t compatible.
  4. If your console will not turn on still, I’m afraid it will need to be repaired by Microsoft.

Don’t worry, Microsoft may be a massive global corporation but contacting them about a faulty product is rather straightforward.

To request this service, sign in to your Microsoft account, select Device Services, and then submit a service order. The service order will tell you what information Microsoft needs.

Having a faulty product is no fun, and waiting for a new one to be sent back is agony.

However, if you had all your power cables plugged into a surge protector, you could save yourself hours of hassle, and months of waiting for a replacement.

Do I need a Surge Protector?

I’m going to be blunt, it makes no sense NOT to have all your precious electronics plugged (and organized!) into a surge protector.

The console may look like one tough, square-shaped, bad boy no doubt. But that doesn’t mean the circuitry inside is not delicate and therefore easy to damage due to voltage spikes.

The Series X is made to pump out a lot of graphical goodness at 4K, which is why it comes with the price tag of $500! Why risk that much money?

What are voltage spikes?

Voltage Spikes are when the electrical current to your home experiences a short, sharp increase.

A short, sharp increase may not sound particularly bad, but having your console’s delicate circuitry receiving above the average amount it should, can damage these circuits and even cause circuitry burnout!

If you have any electronics like gaming consoles, computers, TVs, or even a sound system, you will need a surge protector to stop voltage spikes!

What causes voltage spikes?

There are more than a few reasons to consider sadly. This is why protecting all your power cables from these voltage spikes is incredibly important.

The most common causes are;

  • Lighting strikes.
  • Power outages.
  • Tripped circuit breakers.

These are the most common and can spell death for your $500 console! Possibly that brand new shiny 4K TV as well!

How much will a surge protector cost?

The good news is that a good surge protector can cost very little!

The GE 6 surge protector is only $14! The protector also has six plug sockets so you will be able to hook up all your electronics and not have to worry about them.

The GE 6 is available up to 20 feet, meaning along with your 12 foot Amazon power cable, you don’t have to worry about length either.

See why I think it’s a no brainer? For roughly $14 you can save your $500 Series X along with the 4K TV from voltage spikes!

I’m no accountant but I would say that is an excellent investment towards your gaming future!


The Xbox Series X power cable is just shy of 5 feet, which makes it around 1.5 meters.

If you need a longer power cable, third party companies offer many choices. Amazon as a brand sells a 12-foot cable that is compatible with the Series X.

You can achieve quick and easy access to your cables by using zip ties to keep power cables and HDMI cables in separate groups or grouped by brand.

The Xbox Series X is designed to allow you to try to fix power issues. Follow this guide to reset the internal power supply.

  1. Unplug the power cord from the console.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cord back into the Series X.
  4. Press the Xbox power button on the front of the console.

Lastly, a power surge protector will save your $500 Series X from voltage spikes. Grab one and have your wallet thank me later!

What Next?

How much power does the Series X consume? You won’t need a small nuclear reactor to power it thankfully. The console comes with 315 watts power brick. On average when gaming, the Series X consumes between 150 to 170 watts.

Does the Series X have a power brick? Thankfully Microsoft has kept the trend of building the power brick within the console! The power brick boasts 315 watts of power.

How do I change power settings? You can change the power settings to either instant-on power mode or the energy-saving power mode.

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.
  2. Select Profile & system.
  3. Settings.
  4. General.
  5. Power mode & startup.

Choose the options which suit your needs best!

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