Can the Nintendo Switch Charge Wirelessly?

I have a question for you. 

How do you charge your Nintendo Switch?

You most likely place it on the Nintendo Switch dock to refresh its battery, power it directly using the Switch AC Adapter it comes with, or plug its USB-C cable into a power source like a laptop or battery pack to charge.

But what if I told you there is a way you can wirelessly charge your Nintendo Switch.

Wireless charging transfers power from a power source to your console without you having to connect a cable.

Can the Nintendo Switch charge wirelessly? Right out of the box the Nintendo Switch cannot charge wirelessly. However, using its USB-C port you can connect a USB-C Qi receiver that will allow you to charge your Nintendo Switch using a wireless charging pad. There are several affordable USB-C Qi receivers and wireless charging pads on the market. So, you won’t have to spend too much to get your Nintendo Switch charging wirelessly.

Read on and I’ll show you a convenient and cheap way to wirelessly charge your Nintendo Switch.

What you need to wirelessly charge your Nintendo Switch 

You’ll need to buy two accessories to be able to charge your Switch wirelessly. 

1: A USB-C Qi receiver

Qi is the main wireless standard. It was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium and allows inductive charging of devices over distances not more than 40mm.

Because the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have wireless charging built-in you’ll need to purchase a USB-C Qi receiver.

This is the accessory you’ll connect to your Switch‘s USB-C port and attach to the back of your console to be able to charge it wirelessly.

I use the Nillkin Type C Qi wireless charging receiver

This accessory was designed to wirelessly charge mobile phones but it works just as well with the Nintendo Switch.

I like that it has a slim design, so you can’t even notice when it’s attached to the Switch and the fact that it is heat resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about your console getting hot while it charges.

2: A wireless charger

Again there are many wireless chargers on the market but I recommend the Samsung Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad.

This is one of the best wireless charging pads you can find from a reputable brand. 

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out its numerous five-star reviews on Amazon, and you’ll see customers who have bought this device are happy with it.

Available in four colors white, black, golden brown, and grey, this device comes with a wireless charging stand, a fast charge wall charger, a quick start guide, and a standard one-year warranty.

The Samsung Qi charging pad has safety charging features that will protect it and your Nintendo Switch in the event of a power surge or any other electrical issue.

I love the wireless charging stand it comes with because it allows you to put your Switch in tablet mode, so you can continue gaming as you charge it.

How to wirelessly charge your Nintendo Switch

With your Nintendo Switch, Nillkin Type C Qi wireless charging receiver, and  Samsung Wireless Charging Pad next to you do the following.

1: Connect the Qi receiver to the Nintendo Switch USB-C charging port. The port is located at the bottom of the console.

2: Remove the plastic sheet covering the Qi receiver, then stick the receiver to the back of your Nintendo Switch.

3: Connect the fast charge wall plug the Samsung wireless charging pad comes with to a power source and turn it on. Connect it to the wireless charging pad with the supplied USB cable. 

4: Place your Nintendo Switch on the wireless charging pad and it will begin to charge. 

The Samsung wireless charging pad has a multicolored LED light which will show you the console’s charging status. 

The LED light will turn blue when you begin charging and green when the console’s battery is fully charged. 

You can also check the Switch’s screen to see at what percent the battery is at.

Note, you have to place your Nintendo Switch correctly on the wireless charging pad otherwise it will not charge. 

The pad’s LED light will blink if you wrongly place the console. 

The correct way to place your Switch is by ensuring the center of the Switch’s back which has the Qi receiver is aligned to the center of the Samsung charging pad.

And that’s it. You have successfully managed to enable your Nintendo Switch to charge wirelessly.

The Samsung fast charging wireless charging pad should fully replenish your console’s battery in less than 4 hours. Other wireless charging pads might take longer.

The pros and cons of wirelessly charging your Nintendo Switch

I like my game room well organized. So, the fact that wireless charging can allow me to reduce the number of tangled wires is a plus for me.

In the past, I also tended to lose my Nintendo Switch charging cable a lot. Once I set up my Switch to charge wirelessly I have never had to worry about where I left my charging cable again.

The convenience of not having to plug and unplug cables to charge your consoles is also a plus. 

Simply drop your console on the wireless charging pad, and it will immediately start refreshing its battery.

Wireless charging also puts less strain on your Nintendo Switch charging port.

Airports, restaurants, malls, and various other places are installing Qi wireless charging pads. 

That means if you have a Type C Qi wireless charging receiver connected to your Nintendo Switch you can juice it up on the go at some of these places.

I can think of two disadvantages of using wireless charging.

One is that it is a much slower charging method. 

When docked on the Nintendo Switch dock the Switch takes about three hours to fully charge if the console is powered off or in sleep mode, it takes longer if you’re using it.

The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad will take about fours to recharge your console, which isn’t that much of a difference when compared to the normal Nintendo Switch charging methods. 

Some wireless charging devices, however, can take close to 8 hours to refill your battery. 

This however shouldn’t be a problem if you usually leave your Switch charging overnight.

Another con is once you take your Switch off the wireless changing pad it stops charging. 

If you prefer to charge your console as you continue to play it in handheld mode, charging via USB cable would make more sense.


You can say goodbye to having to plug in a charging cable every time you want to charge your Nintendo Switch, lost charging cables, and tangled wires if you opt to be charging your Switch wirelessly.

To charge your Nintendo Switch wirelessly you’ll have to purchase a Type C Qi wireless charging receiver, and a wireless charging pad. 

You can get both these accessories from about $28 on Amazon. 

Depending on the type of wireless charging pad you buy, I recommend the  Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, you can still be able to play your Switch in tablet mode as it charges.

While wireless charging your Nintendo Switch might be slower than when you use your Switch dock or AC adapter, it puts less strain on your Switch USB-C port and relieves you from the bother of having to plug and unplug cables when charging your console.


Can wireless charging pads overheat? Well, it depends on what you mean by overheat. Do they get hot when you charge gadgets? Yes, they often do. Do they get hot to the point where they damage gadgets? No, they don’t. However, it’s always worth keeping your gadgets as cool as possible because excessive heat wears lithium-ion batteries faster. That’s why I recommend the older 2019 Samsung wireless charger: it has a built-in fan.

How fast will there the Switch charge? The Switch will charge slower compared to if it were docked. From my experience, using a wireless charger on my Switch, it takes between 5-6 hours to fully charge.

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