Does the PS5 Support 1440p?

Until recently, like many gamers, I used a 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor to play video games.

I upgraded to a 55-inch 4K 120Hz monitor when I bought the PS5.

I purchased the monitor and the PlayStation 5 together, but the PS5 was delivered first.

After months of trying to get my hands on the PS5, I was so excited when it arrived I couldn’t wait for the monitor to be delivered to try out the next-gen console.

So, I immediately connected the PS5 to my 1440p monitor to see if the console was compatible with it.

This is what I found.

Does the PS5 support 1440p? Unfortunately, just like the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t support 1440p. Sony designed their next-gen console to support 4K at up to 120fps, 1080p at 120fps, 1080i, 720p and 8K in the future. There have been reports that Sony, through a future system update, will offer 1440p support for the PS5. No indication has been given on the refresh rates 1440p on the PlayStation 5 would support, but if I were to guess, it would be 120Hz.

Ok, now you know the PS5 is not compatible with a 1440p monitor. 

Read on to find out why this is the case and if Sony plans to offer PS5 support for 1440p resolution in the future.

What happens when you connect the PS5 to a 1440p monitor?

When I connected the PS5 to my 1440p 144Hz monitor, game graphics were displayed at 1080p at 60Hz.

1080p is a lower resolution than 1440p, which is considered the middle resolution between 4K and Full HD.

Also commonly referred to as Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD), Quad HD, or Quad High Definition (QHD), 1440p comprises 2560 x 1440 pixels, while 1080p has 1,920×1,080 pixels.

Pixels are the small color dots that create the image you see on a TV or monitor. 

The more pixels a picture has, the sharper and clearer it is.

So, because 1440p has more pixels than 1080p, this resolution gives you better picture quality.

However, you don’t get to enjoy 1440p picture quality when playing your PS5 from a 1440p monitor because the console defaults to 1080p output when connected to such a monitor.

The PlayStation 5’s lack of 1440p support is one of its main flaws.

Why doesn’t the PS5 support 1440p?

Most console gamers use TVs that support 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions

PC gamers are the ones who often play games on 1440p monitors.

Because of this fact, Sony has decided to focus on TV resolution support.

In an interview with AV Watch, a Japanese publication, PlayStation platform boss Hideaki Nishino said, “I want to give top priority to TV support” when asked why the PS5 doesn’t output 1440p.

This decision by PlayStation has disappointed a good number of gamers who prefer to play their consoles off a monitor and not a TV.

For comparison purposes, Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and S, do offer support for 1440p resolution.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X have almost similar hardware.

So, if Microsoft can offer Xbox Series X gamers 1440p, I see no technical reason Sony shouldn’t do the same for its console’s gamers. 

1440p may not be as common as 4K, or 1080p, but Sony having support for this resolution will be a good PR move even if a fraction of PS gamers use the feature.

Will the PS5 support 1440p in the future?

The PS5 has been on the market for a year now, but Sony has been silent on whether their next-gen console will support 1440p resolution soon.

The only sign we have that the PS5 might someday support 1440p is interview comments made by PlayStation executives that they’re monitoring gaming monitors, market trends, and demand for 1440p resolution. 

According to the executives, if they find there’s demand for 1440p, they’ll respond to it.

I don’t know how PlayStation is doing their monitoring, but several reasons should have led them to figure out by now that 1440p monitors are widely used.

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Most monitor manufacturers are moving from 1080p and making 1440p the standard resolution for their monitors. So, more people are buying 1440p monitors than 1080p.
  • Already many gamers are using 1440p monitors, especially those who want to stream as they play. The reason many gamers are using 1440p monitors is that they’re more affordable than 4K screens. 

The monitors also offer them a midpoint between full HD and 4K, as they save up to upgrade to a 4K screen.

1440p also has superior refresh rates than 4K, providing more seamless gaming.

  • A lot of gamers have expressed their disappointment about the PS5 not supporting 1440p and have petitioned Sony to make this possible soon.

One gamer on Reddit said, “Forcing games with 1440p performance modes to output at 1080p is simply wrong. I’m hoping that if enough attention is drawn to the issue, Sony will listen to the community and make 1440p support a reality on PS5.”

From the above points, you can see demand for the PS5 to support 1440p is there. So, why is Sony delaying the rollout of this feature?

In an interview with AV Watch, PlayStation hardware boss Masayasu Ito said the PS5 has the hardware needed to support 1440p.

That means they only need to enable the console to support 1440p, which they can easily do through a firmware update.

I know Sony usually takes several months before dropping major system updates, therefore, we can’t be sure when or if they’ll make 1440p a reality on the PS5.

I hope they do it soon because a lot of console gamers would like to play games at that resolution.

Nick Sinclair

Nick Sinclair, a gaming aficionado since the Commodore 64 era, studied Creative Computer Games Design in university before founding his own gaming company. Discovering a passion for content creation, Nick now helps gamers squeeze every drop of fun out of their favorite gaming hardware

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