Goldfish: Skyrim (Complete Guide)

With the addition of the fishing feature in Skyrim’s Anniversary edition, players welcome a new creature amongst giants, trolls, and dragons. Please welcome the next strongest enemy on the Dragonborn’s list of foes: The mighty Goldfish!

There are numerous places where you can find Goldfish in the vast world of Skyrim, catch them, cook them, or use them as ingredients.

In this guide, we will explore everything there is to know about the Dovahkiin’s newest opponent, so without any further ado, let’s jump right into this Skyrim guide.

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What Are Goldfish In Skyrim?

With the addition of Fishing in Creations, which is new to Skyrim and is part of the Anniversary Edition, players may catch a variety of fish, including Goldfish.

The primary use of Goldfish in Skyrim is as an ingredient for potions, thanks to its numerous attributes of health regeneration and ability to complement a wide range of other ingredients.

There are a few areas where Goldfish emerge regularly, and players may learn how to capture them there.

If you’re having trouble finding a Goldfish in Skyrim despite trying one of the suggested areas (mentioned below), there are a few tricks you may try.

Although Goldfish are not particularly hard to come by, knowing where to catch them in Skyrim might speed up the process of making a potion that calls for them.

What Areas in Skyrim Have Goldfish, and How to Catch Them?

Once you have the fundamental fishing equipment and have unlocked the fishing experience in Skyrim, you can begin to go to the specific regions where you will be able to discover an abundance of Goldfish.

You should go to the one that is located close to Fort Neugrad. Since there are only three Goldfish that spawn at a time, the quickest approach to capture them is to just jump in the pond and grab them with your hands.

If you’d prefer to use fishing equipment to reel them in, go to Lake Honrich, a sizable body of water close to Riften.

Use the equipment you’ll find on the Riften docks to reel in some Goldfish and choose a day with plenty of sunshine. If you start fishing near the docks, you’re almost certain to reel in a Goldfish.

How To Start Fishing Goldfish In Skyrim?

You may get started fishing in Skyrim in a number of different ways. You may either discover a fishing site on your own and start looting the supplies, or you can unlock it by accepting a quest in a fishery near Riften.

The act of equipping a Fishing Rod and interacting with a bucket of Fishing Supplies will cause the rod’s line to be cast into the water automatically.

What Shops Sell Fishing Equipment in Skyrim?

You may find fishing gear at Riverwood, the first village you’ll probably visit not long after the game begins.

Take note that the whole open world of Skyrim may be accessed after completing the Unbound quest, which includes your escape.

Toward the northeast of Riverwood, you’ll discover a bucket beside the water. If you want to locate it faster, just look for a rack that already has fish hanging on it.

There are plenty of other stores where you may buy fishing equipment. Anything you need to get started fishing can be found at any of Skyrim’s many fishing spots, and more advanced gear may be purchased from a number of merchants all across the city.

What Are Goldfish Used For In Skyrim?

Once added to the inventory, Goldfish are considered an ingredient and are often utilized in the Alchemy skill path for concocting various poisons and potions.

Goldfish, like many other ingredients, may restore stamina, increase heavy armor, allow the player to breathe underwater, and provide protection from frost.

Skyrim’s Goldfish is one of the most adaptable Alchemy elements since it can be mixed with a wide variety of other ingredients to provide an enhanced effect.

The Goldfish’s Restore Stamina ability is available if you eat it as a food item, but it does not have any effect on Health Restoration if eaten directly.

What Is The Best Way To Catch Goldfish In Skyrim?

Goldfish-seeking fans who frequent any of the aforementioned online hotspots are surely to find Goldfish in the lakes.

You don’t necessarily have to use your fishing rods to catch them. You just need to enter the waters and grab the fish with your hands. This approach may not make the most of Skyrim’s Fishing Creation’s supplementary features.

Without a doubt, this is the easiest method for players to amass Goldfish for use in various recipes.

There is, however, a drawback to not using a fishing pole while attempting to catch Goldfish, which is that you will not be able to obtain the rare amulets and gems that you get along with the Goldfish when you catch it with a fishing pole.

Several new types of rings and amulets are added to Skyrim in the Fishing Creation, which is only attainable if you catch the fish via a fishing rod.

If you are unable to find a Goldfish in the mentioned lakes, rivers, or oceans in Skyrim, then it means you haven’t progressed much in the game. So, make sure to complete some of the main quests if you are unable to spot Goldfish.

Can You Keep Goldfish As Pets?

As we all know, you can buy land in Skyrim, construct your home, marry an NPC, adopt a child, divorce your spouse, and much more, but the most important question is,

Can you get a pet Goldfish in Skyrim?

Yes, you can! With the Fishing Creation update of Skyrim’s Anniversary edition, players can not only catch fish via a fishing rod but have the opportunity to get a Goldfish as a pet in their home’s aquarium!

The aquariums are only available in your Hearthstone home, and you have a choice of keeping almost 20 species of fish as pets! But this is Skyrim we’re talking about; it won’t be long till modders enable players to keep whole sharks and whales as pets as well!

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