How to Find Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear Ashes of War

Introduction: What is Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear?

Elden Ring, from Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware, and is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Demon Souls.

In it you’ll find hundreds of different spells, incantations, summons, and special moves that make every character build for every player as close to unique as you can get in a game.

Yet, for all this variety, there is one Ashes off War that you should absolutely prioriatise picking up in the world as it will make massacring the monster hordes a lot easier as you traverse the lands between.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Mimic Tear so special.

Why you need to the Mimic Tear.

The Elden Ring Mimic Tear is one of the most unique summoning Ashes of War in Elden Ring.

But why is that?

Well, for starters, as the name suggests, the summons actually makes a clone of your player character. This clone comes complete with all your abilities including weapons, skills, and magic, and is controlled by the computer as a friendly fighting NPC.

But that’s not what makes this summons stand out from the crowd.

What does is the fact that Mimic Tear uses your health points when summoning instead of your FP points like other Ashes of War.

So, as long as you have health, you can summon your clone.

This makes sense when considering Elden Ring’s lore. You are essentially splitting your life force to create a magically generated yet physical being. Therefor, to give this new being life, you have to give up some of your own.

Thank goodness for health potions, ay?

As you can imagine, having an ally that comes complete with all of your raging abilities gives you a massive advantage when facing down the bosses that populate Limgrave and beyond.

So it would make sense if you went on the hunt for the Mimic Tear as soon as possible.

So below, I’ll explain exactly where to find the Mimic Tear so you can start tearing the world apart with your twin.

How to find the Mimic Tear Ashes of War in Elden Ring

First off, a warning: getting the Mimic Tear Ashes of War is not easy.

Before you can even consider getting the Mimci Tear, you’ll need to reach Nokron, which is done by defeating Starscourge Radhan. You may also be doing this as part of the Ranni quest.

If you are currently running through the Ranni Quest line, you’ll get your opportunity to defeat Starscourge, anyway.

Also, you’ll need a Swordstone key to access the Mimic Tear. So be sure to stuff one into your inventory before you leave on this quest.

Once you’ve got your Swordstone key ready, and you’ve defeated Starscourage Radhan, you can start your mission to find the Miimic Tear…

Step 1: Get to Nokron.

The first step on your mimic mission is to head up to Nokron. Fast travel as close as possible or travel by horse.

Step 2: Fight Your Mimic Self

Next, you’ll have to fight the Mimic Tear as a boss. yes, that means you have to fight a clone of yourself, swords, spells, and all. Or maybe not…

Fortunately, there’s a really easy and cheesy way to beat your doppelganger.

Before the fight, simply remove all of your gear. That’s right, strip down to your pants and fight bare-handed.

Now, when the fight starts, the Mimic Tear will mimic you exactly as you are: Bare-chested and without single weapon or sheet of armour.

You can then equip all of your gear and proceed to beat your poor-man’s copy into submission.

Step 2: Head to Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

Once the decidedly one sided fight is over, run over the aqueduct. Once you’re over, turn left and keep on walking until you find the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. Make sure you activate to restore health and potions.

Make sure you make use of this Site of Grace.

Step 3: Decent toward Night’s Sacred Ground.

From this vantage point, you should see a number of building that lead further down this section of the map. That’s right, your going down…

Jump down and carefully follow the ledges around the edges. But take care as humanoid enemies can spawn from Silver Tears dotted along the path. Some of them are quite well hidden so be sure not to be ambushed and pushed off any of the ledges.

As you continue moving down, you’ll eventually decend into an area called the Night’s Sacred Ground. However, don’t drop down just yet. There’s an alter hidden in a chapel just over a stone archway. That way you can drop down into the chapel instead.

Head past that and there’s a doorway that leads down a corridor with a room at the end that will need a Swordstone Key to enter.

Step 4: Use the Swordstone key.

Run past the alter and keep an eye out for a doorway that leads you down a corridor. At the end of this corridor is a room. But to enter it, you’ll need to use that SwordStone key I told you about earlier.

Step 5: Take the Mimic Tear Ashes of War.

Once the doorway’s fog descends, you’ll find a room with an enemy sitting in the middle of the floor. Fortunately, their back is turned towards you. With a click of L3, you can sneak up to the unaware enemy and stab them in the back for an instant kill.

Now, with the foe dispatched, you can freely open up the chest and claim the Mimic Tear as your own!

Well done! With the Mimic Tear in hand, you’ve just made Elden Ring a while lot easier to play through and complete!


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