How to stream live on YouTube on the Oculus Quest 2

Jamming to Beat Saber is one of the first things any Oculus Quest 2 owner does.

And now, thanks to the latest Oculus Quest 2 update, you can now record yourself in real time playing the game.

I tried out the mixed reality Beat Saber myself and it was phenomenal!

So much so, that I wanted to stream it live on YouTube on my gaming channel because I knew my subscribers would love it!

The only problem? I didn’t know how to stream live on YouTube on the Oculus Quest 2! I did a little digging around online and this is what I found out:

How to stream live on YouTube on the Oculus Quest 2? You can stream Oculus Quest 2 gameplay by navigating to on your computer. Pair with your VR headset and start streaming on YouTube. Alternatively, you can connect your Quest 2 to your computer via Quest Link Cable/Airlink to livestream on YouTube with OBS.

Facebook (or should I say Meta) provides numerous options to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your computer for PCVR. Once connected to a PC, streaming content live on YouTube is not a difficult task.

In this post I’ll take a look at mainly two options of streaming gameplay on YouTube on the Oculus Quest/Quest 2;

  • Streaming via Casting (Computer not needed).
  • Streaming via Oculus Link (Computer needed).

Let’s dive into both of these streaming methods on the Quest 2 in great detail, so you can choose which method suits you the best!

How to live stream to YouTube on Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 is a revolutionary mobile VR device. There are numerous gaming and entertainment possibilities to explore with the Oculus phone app, Side Quest app on PC, and the Oculus application on the computer.

Facebook allows you to connect your Oculus Quest to a phone or casting device like the Chromecast to transmit your gameplay.

Once your gameplay is cast to your preferred device, you can livestream it on YouTube!

Remember at the beginning of this article I mentioned streaming mixed reality videos to YouTube? 

Well, since the video is captured through a phone, if you want to livestream a mixed reality video directly to YouTube then the only option you have is by casting.

Read on to find out how you can livestream on YouTube on the Oculus Quest 2 by casting to a supporting device.

How to live stream on Oculus Quest 2 with Chromecast?

You can cast your Oculus Quest 2 gameplay directly to a mobile device or to a TV with Chromecast.

If you own a smart TV and you wish to cast your gameplay on it and livestream on YouTube through it, then you can easily cast it via a Chromecast device.

Here’s how:

1: Make sure ‘Developer Mode’ is enabled on your Oculus Quest 2 (Discussed below)

2: Connect your Chromecast and Oculus Quest 2 on the same Wifi Network.

3: Connect your Quest 2 to your mobile phone through the Oculus App on your phone.

4: Click on ‘Cast’ button (   ) on the top right.

5: Select your Oculus Quest 2 under ‘Cast from’ and select your Chromecast under ‘Cast to’.

6: You will be prompted in your VR, accept it and your gameplay will be casted to your Chromecast!

7: Sign-in to YouTube TV on your Smart TV with the Chromecast.

8: Click on the ‘Cast to YouTube’ button on your Smart TV and your Quest 2 gameplay will be livestreamed on YouTube.

Google Chromecast is a great way to capture your Quest 2 gameplay in its native resolution and livestream on YouTube with amazing quality.

Although the Chromecast is a great way to stream high quality gameplay on YouTube, you can also stream Quest 2 gameplay without it.

Here’s how:

1: Follow the same procedure as streaming via Chromecast until Step 4.

2: Cast your Quest 2 gameplay on your phone by selecting ‘My Phone’ under ‘Cast to’.

3: Stream your gameplay through the YouTube smartphone app directly!!

Do You Need 1000 Subscribers To Stream Live To YouTube On Oculus Quest?

The 1000 subscriber requirement is only applicable to mobile streamers.

So, if you want to stream mixed reality gameplay from the Quest 2 to your YouTube channel by casting it on your phone and streaming it, you will need 1000 subscribers.

Do You Have To Pay To Stream Live On YouTube From Oculus Quest?

Streaming on YouTube is completely free for creators on all platforms. You will need to purchase equipment like the Chromecast, Oculus Link cable, etc. for livestreaming on YouTube on your Quest 2.

Is It Necessary To Enable Developer Mode On Your Quest 2?

Enabling ‘Developer mode’ in your Oculus Quest 2 is a crucial step for streaming gameplay on YouTube. Read on to find out how you can enable ‘Developer Mode’ and start streaming on YouTube on your Oculus Quest/Quest 2 VR Headset.

How To Enable Developer Mode On The Quest 2?

Enabling developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 enables you to access the headset’s advanced capabilities.

The primary advantage of selecting developer mode on the Quest 2 is that you may install (sideload) a variety of third-party games and applications that are not accessible via the Oculus Store. Additionally, developer mode enables you to fine-tune a variety of advanced options (graphics quality, GPU/CPU usage, video capture rate, and so on).

To activate developer mode on your Quest 2, just follow these steps:

1: Navigate to Oculus Developer.

2: Sign-in with your Facebook/Oculus account.

3: Follow through the ‘Developer form’ and fill it with relevant information.

4: On your Android or iOS device, launch the Oculus App.

5: Connect your headset to the app through Bluetooth.

6: Select Developer Mode.

7: Toggle Developer mode on or off.

8: Restart your Oculus Quest 2.

If the “Developer mode” toggle is missing from your Oculus application, something went wrong during the developer account setup process.

How To Check If Developer Mode Is On?

To verify that developer mode has been activated properly on your Quest 2, put on the headset and browse to settings. If developer mode is properly activated, you should see the “Developer” menu option among other configuration categories.

Congratulations! You are now able to modify many advanced settings on your Quest 2 that were not accessible otherwise.

The Side Quest app can now detect your Oculus Quest 2 on the computer.

Now you can start streaming your gameplay by connecting your VR headset to your computer.

Let’s see how.

How to live stream to YouTube on Oculus quest Via Oculus Link?

Meta provides you with a feature to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your computer.

After toggling ‘Developer Mode’ on, you can now tweak your Quest 2 as you wish.

You can increase the native resolution and FPS of your Quest 2 to not only enhance your gaming experience, but also enhance your YouTube livestream.

You can connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your computer by a standard Oculus Link cable.

If you play PCVR games on your Quest 2, you might be familiar with this cable.

Alternatively, you can connect your Oculus Quest 2 wirelessly to your computer if you have a powerful Wifi connection through Air link.

Air Link is a new feature introduced by Meta for Oculus Quest 2.

Read on to find out how you can use Oculus Link to connect your VR headset to a computer and start livestreaming on YouTube.

Using Oculus Link Cable (Wired Connection)

If you’d rather connect via cable, follow the instructions below to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a PC through Oculus Link. This procedure should be compatible with both the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets. Follow the steps below:

1: Verify that your PC and headset fulfill all of the hardware and software requirements here

2: On your computer, launch the Oculus app and turn on your headset. 

3: Connect one end of the USB or Oculus Link cable to the USB 3.0 port on your PC. After that, connect the other end to your headset. 

4: You’ll notice an ’Allow Access to Data’ prompt in your Headset. Use your touch controllers and click on Allow.

5: When the ‘Enable Oculus Link’ dialog appears, choose Enable and you’ll see the ‘Oculus Link’ option appearing in the menu.

Using Air Link (Wireless Connection)

If you’d rather utilize a wireless connection, just follow the instructions below to connect through Air Link. This approach is only compatible with Quest 2 headsets.

You’ll need to upgrade both your Quest 2 and the Oculus app on your PC to version 28 or higher.

Air Link is very internet demanding, so make sure to check the requirements or you’ll be stuck with a very laggy connection.

1: Navigate to the Oculus app on your PC and choose Settings. Toggle Air Link on in the Beta tab. (While future update logs suggest that it will be moved out of Beta and into the General tab)

2: Make sure your headset and computer are connected to the same Wifi network.

3: Put on your headset and activate the menu by pressing the Oculus button. Select Experimental Features from the Settings gear icon.

4: Click the Air Link button. Continue.

5: Select your PC from the Available PCs list that displays and click Pair. After pairing is complete, choose Launch.

The steps above will guide you through the process of pairing your PC for the first time with your Quest 2. Following the first pairing, further connections should be as simple as turning on Air Link using the Quick Actions option in Settings.

Now that your Oculus Quest 2 is connected to your computer, let’s get right back on track and see how you can stream Quest 2 gameplay from your PC.

How To Stream Quest 2 on YouTube Through Oculus Link?

After finally connecting your Oculus Quest 2 with the Link Cable or Air Link to your computer. Follow the steps below to stream your gameplay to YouTube.

1: Download Sidequest on your computer.

2: Make sure ‘Developer Mode’ is enabled in your headset. (Mentioned Above)

3: Connect your Quest/Quest 2 to your computer and Allow access to Data.

4: Make sure the light turns green on the upper right corner of ‘Sidequest’ indicating that your Quest 2 is connected.

5: Click on the ‘Stream’ option in Side Quest.

6: A menu will appear in which you can tweak your Stream settings.

7: Click on ‘Start Stream’, a window will appear and your Quest 2 gameplay will be displayed.

8: Download OBS on your computer and broadcast the projected gameplay on your YouTube channel.

Voila! This is how you can stream your Oculus Quest 2 gameplay on YouTube.

Let’s compare the two methods of gameplay streaming on the Quest 2 so you can choose which method will suit you the best!

Which Method Of Streaming Is Best On The Quest 2?

Both methods of streaming content on the Quest 2 are incredibly simple.

Although minor, there are differences between these two methods. Let’s compare!

Streaming Quest 2 Gameplay On YouTube Via CastingStreaming Quest 2 Gameplay On YouTube Via Oculus Link
You won’t need a computer to stream Quest 2 gameplay on YouTube via casting.A computer that meets hardware and software requirements is needed to stream Quest 2 gameplay on YouTube via Oculus Link.
You cannot toggle the quality of the stream with this method.You can enhance the stream quality, resolution and FPS through Side Quest.
Streams can get interrupted if you minimize the app on your phone.You can minimize the streaming window and The stream will continue in the background.
The mic in your VR headset will be utilized for capturing audio with the streamYou will need to connect an external mic to your computer for capturing audio.
No overlays or options to edit the livestream.OBS provides overlays for transitions and edits mid-stream.
Mixed reality videos can be cast from the phone to be live streamed.You cannot livestream mixed reality videos through this method because such videos are captured on a phone.

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