How To Use Discord On Ps5?

A few days ago, I was casually gaming (or terribly losing) a team deathmatch in Call of Duty: Cold War with my friends. We discussed how hectic it is to create parties for Voice Chat on the Ps5, while our CS: GO on PC days were much simpler as we used Discord for communication.

Suddenly, my friend asked the whole party to leave everything we were doing and check out the link he sent on the chat; it was a leaked Twitter screenshot stating that Discord would soon land on the Ps5!

This was huge news, and the whole party was ecstatic!

The site UseViral disclosed the news that discord is finally going to land on the Ps5!

I researched more about it to accumulate all knowledge of Discord on Ps4 and Ps5 I could, and here’s what I found out:

How To Use Discord On Ps5? Discord for the Ps5 is set to be released around March of 2023, and it will include all of the features available on Discord PC, including voice calls, video calls, messaging, and screen sharing. As of November 2022, you cannot use Discord on the Ps5 natively, but major reliable leaks indicate that Sony and Discord are working together to integrate the Ps4/Ps5 and Discord.

Discord on the Ps5 will be revolutionary. I mean, they got our PlayStation exclusives on PC; why can’t we get one of the most amazing PC communication apps on the Ps5?

Read on to find out what’s so great about the Discord app and how it will be beneficial for PlayStation users.

What is Discord?

Like Skype, TeamSpeak, and business chat apps like Slack, Discord is a chat software that allows users to communicate with one another. Discord was created with gamers in mind, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, Discord gained a lot of attention from schools for online classes and companies for online meetings.

Discord allows users to communicate with each other via audio calls, video calls, texting, and screen sharing. It is an app of choice for many people because of its user-friendliness and amazing features providing swift communication.

Many individuals rely on it not just as a means of in-game communication but also as a method of group management and social interaction.

Users have also taken to using Discord in a semi-public forum setting because of its extensive feature set.

Public and private “servers” allow gamers with similar interests to gather and talk with one another in various ways, including text, video, and voice.

Discord integration for consoles will be a game-changer and will give other communication apps a run for their money, as the majority of gamers will surely switch to Discord from their native chat apps.

Is Discord Better Than PlayStation Party Chat?

PlayStation Party Chat may lack Discord’s customization options, but it serves a useful purpose for PS gamers, nevertheless. Chat apps are great for communicating strategies with your friends during gameplay or expanding your friend circle by inviting people you meet online to your party.

Discord is better than the native PlayStation Party chat app in the following ways:


Discord is one of the most user-friendly communication applications out there. It is extremely easy to navigate around Discord, and it provides control to the user to customize their dashboard as they please.

Sending Media

In comparison to Party Chat, Discord provides a ton of extra capabilities, such as the ability to integrate media and much more. In Party Chat, you can still share photos, but not animated GIFs or stickers.

Larger Audience

More people use Discord than Party Chat because Discord is the go-to app for the majority of gamers out there. The fact that it’s free and more commonly used is a major draw.

Cross-Play Support

There is no mobile version of PlayStation Party Chat. Discord is available for PC and smartphones, allowing communication between different platforms. Moreover, once integration for the Ps5 and Xbox Series X lands, Discord gamers can easily play and communicate in cross-platform games.

How To Use Discord On Ps5?

Since early 2022, PlayStation users have been able to connect a PlayStation account with Discord, allowing them to share their gaming experience across both platforms.

Discord on PlayStation currently allows only texting, but you could still use third-party apps to utilize Discord voice chat for the Ps5 (What’s the catch? You’ll need a PC).

After Discord lands full-fledged for PlayStation, Ps5 users will have access to all Discord features, but if you’re looking for ways to use Discord on your Ps5 right now, here’s how you can do it:

Discord Chat On Ps5

Discord allows PS gamers to link their PlayStation ID with Discord to access the Discord messaging feature; here’s how you can chat via Discord on your Ps5:

1. Download the PlayStation Chat App

2. As soon as you’ve downloaded it, you will see a list of your contacts and other people you can chat with.

3. Paste the Discord link ( as a message and send it to a friend’s chat.

4. Click on the link to open Discord on your PlayStation Web browser.

5. Sign in with your account details, and you’ll be able to view Discord web view.

6. Simply close the browser if you want to stop using Discord.

If you want to utilize the Discord voice call option on the Ps5, then here’s how:

Discord Voice Chat on PS5

If you don’t like using the public in-game chat or PS party chat, then you can use Discord voice chat on the Ps5 with third-party hardware: MixAmp, but you’ll need a PC as well.

1. You first need to connect your PS5 and MixAmp using an optical cable.

2. Adjust the PS5’s audio output settings. Navigate to Settings > Audio Output and Select Digital/Optical as your main output.

3. Open Discord on your computer and navigate to Voice & Video.

4. Select MixAmp as the input device, and now you can simultaneously hear Discord and your game sound from the Ps5.

Once Discord lands on the PS5 officially, then you can directly call your friends without needing a PC or any third-party hardware.

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