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Skyrim has a ton of amazing characters with in-depth backgrounds, lore, side quests, and links, and then there’s Nazeem.

Kematu is a character that you encounter in the side quest titled ‘In My Time Of Need.’ While Kematu doesn’t appear much other than for the mentioned side quest, knowing about him and judging his intentions beforehand can help you make the right decision in that side quest.

In this post, let’s take a look at Kematu’s background, who he is, what he is doing in Skyrim, and what is the right choice to make for the ‘In My Time Of Need’ side quest.

Before we get into the side quest, let’s discuss Kematu.

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Who is Kematu?

Kematu is a Redguard Alik’r warrior from Hammerfell. He dual-wields two scimitars which is a norm for warriors of Hammerfell.

He doesn’t live in Skyrim, but he’s here on a mission to capture a Redguard woman named Iman House Suda in Hammerfell (She uses the alias Saadia in Whiterun), who is a fugitive that is hiding in Skyrim – as described by Kematu.

Your main and only interaction with Kematu is through the In My Time Of Need side quest, which involves making a tough choice.

Let’s take a look at the side quest.

In My Time Of Need Side Quest

Beginning Of The Side Quest

During the main storyline, ‘Dragon Rising,’ you may see guards searching for a Redguard lady after Irileth reports the assault on the Western Watchtower to the jarl.

Alik’r Warriors and Whiterun guards can be seen arguing with each other in the keep, and you may encounter them questioning Redguard ladies in the wilderness of Skyrim.

When you enter Swindler’s Den, Kematu will spawn and do nothing but aimlessly walk about until you get there.

He wears a set of Redguard shoes with his Hammerfell attire. He’s armed with two scimitars and carries a lot of gold (a golden opportunity for you pickpockets out there).

When you speak to the Alik’r Warriors, they ask for your help to find a runaway Redguard woman who is hiding somewhere in Whiterun (the description they provide matches Saadia, who is a waitress in the Bannered Mare pub in Whiterun).

Choice To Make

Saadia is the Redguard lady Kemata and his warrior pals are after. You will find Saadia working as a waitress in The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Most players will believe Saadia’s story straight away, but it’s never too late to turn her in.

Any player who wants to finish this quest quickly should return to the two Alik’r Warriors and inform them of her whereabouts. A reward of 500 Gold will be given to the player, and the mission will be complete.

But if you want to help Saadia, then you can simply walk up to her in The Bannered Mare, and she’ll lead you to a quiet place to have a chat.

She’ll tell you she fled Hammerfell after speaking out against the Aldmeri Dominion to House Suda. The two guys standing outside are professional killers. The player has the choice to either trust her story and help her, or lie to her and lure her to the warriors outside.

Those who put their trust in Saadia will hear about a bounty hunter called Kematu who, once killed, will end the quest.

Up until now, you might be compelled to believe Saadia because she seems more convincing than the Hammerfell brutes, which is why most people help Saadia initially. If you choose to help Saadia out, you’ll be tasked to find the whereabouts of Kematu.

Siding With Kematu

You can side with Kematu anytime during this mission by interacting with Kematu or the Hammerfell warriors and telling them Saadia’s location, or you can wait around till you find Kematu, hear his side of the story and then make your decision.

Another option is to go to Rorikstead and inform the two Alik’r staying at the Frostfruit Inn that you have located Saadia. After that, they’ll ask you to bring her out to the Whiterun Stables.

If you return to the Bannered Mare and take her upstairs, she will start walking to the Whiterun Stables on her own, but only if you choose the “(Lie)” conversation option, making her believe you’re helping her escape.

At Whiterun’s stables, Kematu will immobilize her with a spell and reward you with 500 gold coins.

Kematu will explain to you how Saadia was a traitor and on-the-run fugitive; hence you did the right thing by getting her captured.

Siding With Saadia

If you want to help Saadia escape the warriors, then simply go up to her and lead her outside of the city walls; from then on, she will escape while rewarding you 500 gold coins (the same amount as you’d get for getting her captured).

This is the shortest way of ending the quest but read on to find out how you can get the most money out of this side quest.

Getting The Reward From Saadia And Kematu

You know you’re a Skyrim player when you exploit glitches to get the most out of a quest. In the case of Kematu and Saadia, you can get the reward from both plus more!

Here’s how:

1.       Side with Kematu and choose the option to lure Saadia to the stables.

2.       Lie to Saadia and lead her to the stables outside Whiterun, where Kematu is waiting to put a spell on her that will paralyze her.

3.       Let Kematu put a spell on Saadia, receive the 500 gold reward, and complete the mission.

4.       Kill Kematu to remove the spell after he has already cast it, which will undo Kematu’s spell.

5.       Saadia will become hostile towards you; use a Calm spell on her, then speak with her; she will reward you with 500 gold for killing Kematu.

6.       This is how you can get rewards from both Kematu and Saadia!

7.       Moreover, you can loot Kematu’s corpse to get 200 more gold coins, his clothes, and his scimitars.

After the duration of the Calm spell is over, Saadia will once again become hostile; this is a condition she will remain in permanently, so she will attack you whenever she sees you in Whiterun.

You should probably just kill her and then rob her corpse. You shouldn’t worry about getting a bounty by killing Saadia since she attacked you first.

In this way, you can get the most reward from the ‘In My Time Of Need’ side quest.

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