Sage Twitch emote meaning.

Have you ever heard or seen the Sage emote on Twitch? Have you ever wondered what it actually means or its origin? Yeah, me too. I was so dumbfounded by this sad-looking Frog-like creature the first time I saw it.

Fortunately, after digging around the Internet, I learned a lot about the Sage emote, its origin, history, and meaning.

Let’s take a look at what I found:

The Sadge emote is a Twitch chat symbol that can mean both “sad” and “sad but with a hint of irony.” Initially, it was only used when streamers were talking about sad things, but now it’s a meme about saying cringe things in a way that sounds sort of sad.

There’s a lot more to learn about this cringy emote. Let’s take a look.

What is the meaning of Sadge?

Most Twitch emoticons are used to communicate emotion. For example, Sadge can be to express several emotions. For example, the Sage emote can be used to communicate extreme sadness about a loved one who passed away. Or it can be used to conclude a slightly cringeworthy statement with an ironic sense of humor.

The Sage emote has become a versatile tool for communicating a range of emotions on Twitch.

Although Sadge’s Twitch emote is relatively new, its popularity has been boosted because it’s based on a popular decades-old Pepe the Frog webcomic character.

When did the Sadge Emote character originate?

The Sadge emote is one of the best-known Pepe the Frog memes, and it’s based on a comic created in the 2000s: 4Chan. This particular emote didn’t take off until later, though, in 2012, when people started using him in their meme creations.

The actual Sadge emote that exists today originated on Twitch in January 2020, when it was uploaded to BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ.

Is the Sadge emote a Frog? 

This is more a personal question that I always had. I always thought the Sage emote looked a little like a frog. But always wondered if he actually was a frog, or was he just called a frog because he looked like a frog. 

That’s because the Sadge is a frog. It’s based on Pepe the Frog from 4Chan.

The frog meme is called Pepe the Frog, and this particular one is one of the most recognizable.

For a couple of years, he was a popular character on 4chan and Reddit, as he was often used to represent a stoned, sleepy, or sad expression. It also was used as a reaction image for sadness.

So is the Sage emote a frog?

Yes, it is. The Sadge emote is based on Pepe the Frog.

## What is the Sadge Emote?

The Sadge emote was created by BTTV and FrankerFaceZ in January of 2020. It gained popularity in Forsen’s community and a few others. As the people using the emote fell in love with it, its usage increased generally. It also became popular for use in a “dearest brother” copypasta.

The Sadge emote is based on the popular Pepe the Frog meme. The Frog appears deeply melancholy, which is why it’s perfect for expressing sadness.

What is this Pepe the Frog Meme you speak of?

Pepe the Frog is the name of a cartoon character initially found in the Boy’s Club comic series, created by Matt Furie. The character became common on the Internet through several memes.

In 2016, Pepe was adopted by the alt-right and white supremacists, who used his image in hate-related content. Furie was frustrated by the trend, which he saw as co-opting his own creation, and sought to reclaim the meme with a Save Pepe campaign to change its meaning. Although the Save Pepe campaign was largely successful, it could not prevent the meme’s associations with alt-right and white supremacy from impeding its usage as a protest symbol. However, a positive meaning could be imposed over the hate symbol in this case.

Matt Furie has seen his famous character, Pepe the Frog, used as viral internet memes, a political icon on Twitter and Reddit, and more. Furie is now entering the digital art world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to sell digital images of his famed Frog for about $1 million.

In a deal made with the crypto-collectibles platform CryptoPunks, Furie will sell 99 images of Pepe for the price of one bitcoin, the equivalent of about $80,000 at press time, according to the company.

How to Use the Sadge Emote in Twitch Chat

As long as you have a browser extension installed that adds BTTV or FFZ emotes to the Twitch chat, you will be able to use the disappointment emote.

To use the Sadge emote in Twitch chat, open the Twitch chat window and click on the emote button while hovering the cursor over the text in a message that you want to use the emote with.

To use the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension, you need to connect your Twitch account with the extension and install the plugin. Connecting your account and installing the plugin are simple processes that can be completed in a few steps. After you have configured your account settings, you can see your emotes and set them up just like you would see any other emotes.

Want a complete in-depth walkthrough? Follow this guide over at Hobbiestly to get the remote working.

What is the Sadge Song? What? There’s a Sage Song? 

The Sadge song is a popular song meant as a parody of the Sadge emoticon, which was created as a response to the Sadge song. In the parody, a guy sings to Sadge, asking him to help him make things better in his life.

While the original song was just a fun video to listen to and featured the original Sadge emote, some clever (and humorous) variations of the song have been popping up on the Internet.


Why Can’t You See Sadge on Twitch?

You must have the FrankerFaceZ or BTTV plugin in your current browser to see Sadge on Twitch. (That being said, you will still see the word “Sadge” sent by chat users). 

Can you Use the Sadge emote on Mobile? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to use or see these emotes if you use the Twitch mobile app. You will need to switch to Browser mode to use the new Twitch emotes on your mobile device.

Why is Sadge Emote Not on Twitch?

The Twitch platform is very selective about what emotes they let their users use as global emotes. However, the Sadge emote has never been an official Twitch emote because it could be seen by many people outside the gaming community as racist. The only way you can use Sadge, and other Pepe variations on the streaming platform are through third-party extensions.

###Can I use the Sadge emote for my Twitch channel?

You cannot use the Sadge emote as your own Twitch Subscription emote. As it is a well-known, popular emote, you won’t be allowed to use it or upload it as your own.

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