Secrets to getting more Twitch views

With the upsurge of online games, live streaming has become integral and extremely popular. And when it comes to streaming platforms, there is no denying that Twitch is the best venue to broadcast playing video games and/or just chatting with peeps. So let’s assume you mull over entering the live streaming career. What do you do first, and how can you ensure your channel doesn’t fall to the bottom of players who failed to succeed in becoming viral streamers? Below is a breakdown of practical tips to power up your streaming intentions and help make your Twitch channel exciting, representative, and, above all else, in the spotlight.

Brand your channel

The process of making a Twitch channel popular and viewed goes way beyond being skilled and charismatic. No doubt, these are essential, and we’ll touch upon them later in this article, but they shouldn’t be the only things to focus on when building a channel. Although widely overlooked, ensure to start your broadcasting journey by branding your profile. Logos, icons, and banners are critical to endow your channel with a unique style that will help others distinguish your account from dozens of competitors.

Besides, the visual aspect makes your profile inviting and friendly, retaining more people and allowing them to learn more about you. While missed, visuals are the least demanding aspect to handle when working on boosting the Twitch channel. Whether a profile logo or one-stream overlay, readily available solutions, templates, and color schemes by vista create will get you covered. 

Be communicative during the broadcasting session

It is no secret that many people watching streams only pay attention to the streamer’s gameplay, ignoring the streamer’s speech and overall communication. And the problem is that broadcasters often avoid contact with people justifying that some viewers prefer to watch the game, not talk. Attuning to everyone’s wishes is ambitious, but those who visit the stream to watch the gameplay can mute your talk and keep watching. Simple as that. Your job is to secure meaningful communication with people, so don’t hesitate to make jokes when relevant, make music pauses, and tell personal stories. Were we to boil it down to three words, they would be: avoid white noise. After all, talk is cheap, and it’s the least you can do to build a good rapport with viewers and ensure they will visit your future streams.


Define the best timing for going live

A good schedule and frequency can provide a stable inflow of subs and viewers to your streams, so it would be best if you knew the timing and number of streams rolled out in, say, a week. The simplest way to learn when and how often to stream is by asking your followers and tracking the niche. You wouldn’t want to go live when old hands broadcast and accumulate viewers. Nor would you like to launch a stream during midnight, as the number of viewers would unlikely be satisfying. Seek advice from your followers and check the field. This way, you will find out the best timing.

Make your streams more interactive

Sometimes, talking and commenting on different scenes in the game when streaming is not enough to maintain engagement with the audience. So why not boost interaction differently? At least a part of your audience is avid players. You can create competition in the chat and play with your subs. Suppose you play World of Warcraft and do arena battles. In that case, you can team with people from your stream and queue up some fights.

Take advantage of social media

In trying to increase views and the number of subscribers, it’s also crucial to promote your live streams outside Twitch. Social media networks like Instagram and Twitter can funnel significantly more people into your broadcasting sessions. You are encouraged to cooperate with other people and players on social media, publish posts regularly, and be active in the comment section. Social platforms are a good and free way to let more people know about your Twitch activity.

You can get social growth service for faster growth. You may buy Twitch video views from Increditools to bring more engagement to your account.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube videos are an excellent way to showcase your skills and attract people to subscribe to your Twitch channel. But beware: creating a YouTube video isn’t a walk in the park. It’s quite a demanding activity if you have no prior experience in video creation and can’t hire a person or ask friends to help you with that. Perhaps, your loyal subs could help you with designing a stunning video? 


Host and get hosted

Hosting streamers is a fantastic idea you should practice habitually. Since the streaming industry is booming, and there are numerous players to explore, hosting and getting hosted are terrific ways to fulfill people’s requests. Having a list of colleagues in the niche will allow you to entertain your subs and get new ones, so that’s a win-win.

Final words

So, are these secret ways to get more views and viewers on Twitch? Well, that’s hard to say. On the one hand, they are not. On the other hand, typical as some of them might seem, many streamers forget about such simple elements as visuals, which negatively influences their channels’ success and leaves them with insufficient subscriber growth. So let’s just say they are left unnoticed. Anyway, remember to use them all when barging into Twitch. You’ll see the outcomes pretty soon. 

Nick Sinclair

Nick Sinclair, a gaming aficionado since the Commodore 64 era, studied Creative Computer Games Design in university before founding his own gaming company. Discovering a passion for content creation, Nick now helps gamers squeeze every drop of fun out of their favorite gaming hardware

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