What is The Size of The PS5 Box?

At 15.4 inches tall, 4.09 inches wide and 10.24 inches deep, Sony’s next-gen console is massive.

The PlayStation 5’s enormous size led me to have a discussion with my friend about the size of the console’s box.

He had ordered the PS5, and it was to be delivered to his home while he was away on a work trip.

He was worried it would not fit in his parcel safe box when delivered.

To calm his fears, I told him we could measure the box of my PS5, I keep all my console boxes for memories, to see if it would fit in his delivery box.

I got the PS5 box out of the store together with a tape measure, and these are the measurements we got.

What is the size of the PS5 box? The dimensions of the PS5 retail box are 17 inches high (43 cm), 18.5 inches wide (47 cm), and 7 inches (18 cm) deep. The PS5 box weighs 14lb (6.7 kg/ 8 ounces).

From the measurement, if you’re still having a hard time picturing how big the PS5 box is, read on and I’ll share with you a comparison of the box with that of the PS4 and Xbox Series X. 

I’ll also tell you what comes inside the box and why you should keep the PS5 box.

How much larger is the PS5 box compared to that of the Xbox Series X and the PS4?

The PS5 is the largest console ever released, and that makes its box massive.

If you’re wondering why the console is so huge, PlayStation Vice President of UX Design Matt MacLaurin had this to say when asked about the bulky size of the PS5: 

“It all comes down to one thing, thermals. The PS5 has flashy new technology, but it generates a significant amount of heat. We, therefore, had to design a system that has sufficient room to allow this heat to dissipate.” 

When put next to the Xbox Series X box which is 11.5 inches high (30 cm), 15 inches wide (38 cm), and 8.5 inches deep (22 cm), the PS5 box dwarfs that of Microsoft’s next-gen console.

The PS5 box also makes the PS4 box whose dimensions are 14.9” high (38 cm), 18.5” (47cm) wide, and 4.9” (12 cm)” deep look small.

These numbers may be confusing, so look below at a picture of the PS5 and PS4 boxes next to each other shared by a PlayStation gamer on Reddit to see the difference between the PlayStation consoles for yourself.

Behold, the fabled beast that is the PlayStation 5 box. Watch as the PS4 box cowers in fear!
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/jgrr16/ps5_box_next_to_ps4_box/ Thank you Grey_Wolf1!

What is inside the PS5 box?

When you open the PS5 box, you’ll find the next-gen console, a PS5 DualSense controller, an HDMI 2.1 cable which you’ll use to connect the console to your TV, a power cable, a USB C cable for charging the controller, the console’s user manual, and a stand that you’ll use to support the PS5 so that it doesn’t wobble around.

The PS5 doesn’t come with any physical games discs, but it is pre-loaded with a digital copy of Astro’s Playroom you can immediately play to try out the new console and its controller’s impressive tech. 

Should you keep the PS5 box?

Yes, I think you should keep your PS5 box. I’ll tell you why.

  • It will come in handy when moving

I have bought every PlayStation from the PS2 onwards and kept each of the console’s boxes.

Apart from ensuring that I have a safe place to keep the consoles’ warranties, the PS boxes have helped protect my consoles the three times I have moved house.

When moving, if you transport your PS5 in a normal cardboard box, it could be easily knocked, causing the outer case to dent or, worse, damage the PS5’s internal components. 

The PS5 box has package cushioning inside.

This cushioning holds the console firmly in place when it is being transported and absorbs any impact or vibration, therefore, putting the console out of any harm.

For extra protection, while moving, you could buy a PS5 transport protection case like the CASEMATIX Travel Case for PS5.

This product has a crush-proof hard case, shock-absorbing foam protection, and is waterproof.

So, with it, you can transport your PS5 anywhere worry-free.

  • It could increase your console’s resale value

From experience, I know that having the packaging of a device you’re selling helps to reassure a potential buyer a little.

It kinda shows them the device has been cared for properly and sometimes they would pay more for it.

Depending on how long you take before you sell your PS5, if you do at all, you could get more money for it simply because you have its box.

If you sell it 3 to four years down the line, getting 20-60 dollars more just because you have the PS5 box would not be unthinkable.

If you keep the console longer, it could get a lot more money.

I know of a gamer who sold the original PlayStation at twice the price the console was going for without the box.

The extra money you make could go into buying your next console or one of its accessories.

Finally, if you have kept your PS5 box and past PlayStation console boxes, you could have some fun with them, like this guy who is building a pyramid using the boxes.

That’s one big pile of shi… I mean PlayStations. Source:https://www.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/es2dxj/i_hope_the_ps5_box_will_be_bigger_than_the_ps4pro/ Thank you Bitmap_!

If none of the reasons above have convinced you to keep the PS5 box, you could throw it away without having to worry about its impact on the environment.

As part of Sony’s plans to reduce plastic use in its products, they made the PS5 box plastic-free and fully recyclable.

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