What to Do If Your PS5 Gets Stolen

Imagine this, you have magically ordered yourself a PS5 despite the consoles being out of stock all the time.

When the PS5 arrives, as you open it, you realize something is not right; the weight is a bit off.

When you look inside the PS5 box, boom, it hits you! 

In the box is toilet paper, cat food, a cooking grill, or something else other than your PlayStation 5.

This is something that has been happening a lot since the PS5 went on sale.

Another common scenario is some gamers not getting their PS5s delivered because the consoles were lost in transit.

Part of the reason this has been happening is that gangs are robbing PS5 delivery trucks like a scene out of a Fast and the Furious movie. 

Delivery drivers and warehouse staff have also been accused of stealing PS5 consoles and replacing them with random things.

In these PS5 shortage times, crazy things are occurring and the chances of your next-gen console getting stolen have gone up.

So, in this article, I’ll share with you tips on what to do if your PS5 gets stolen while being delivered or at home, and how to keep your console safe.

Let’s get into it!

What to do if your PS5 gets stolen in transit

If you order a PS5 and you find it missing in the delivery box or the next-gen console isn’t delivered at all, immediately call the customer support for the delivery service you’re using to report about your situation.

Once you report, customer service will investigate your claim and get back to you.

In most cases, they’ll give you a refund or resend a replacement unit.

I, however, wouldn’t bet on you getting a replacement console with the current short supply of the PS5.

You’re more likely to get your money back and end up on a PS5 wild goose chase again.

Amazon UK, for example, admitted to having PS5 delivery issues but said they couldn’t allocate new consoles to those whose deliveries were lost. 

They instead gave a refund and advised the individuals to try to re-order once the PS5 was back in stock.

Steps to take if your PS5 is stolen from your home

If your PS5 is safely delivered, which happens most of the time, good for you!

However, it can be stolen from your house. If that happens:

Report to the police

This is one of the first things you should do if your PS5 is stolen.

When you call the police, they’ll ask for the serial number for your PS5, which is a unique 17 character number found at the bottom right corner of your console when it’s placed vertically. 

Hopefully, you took a screenshot or wrote down your PS5 serial number immediately after you got your next-gen console so you can have it in hand for eventualities like this.

If you haven’t taken a photo of your PS5’s serial number, stop reading this and go do it now. Then come back and continue reading. 

The police have ways they can use the serial number to track your PlayStation 5. 

For example, they could circulate the number to local pawn shops and wait for information that a PS5 with X serial number has been found in a particular store.

Contact PlayStation customer services

There are several things PlayStation consumer services can do when your PS5 is stolen. Among them is:

They can help the police track your PS5

Using the PlayStation Network (PSN) customer service can determine the IP address and internet service provider of the person who stole your PS5 or the individual who bought the stolen console.

This valuable information, which they can send to the police, can be gotten the minute the thief turns on the PS5 and tries to log into it.

Customer service can brick the stolen PS5

Once bricked, the PS5 will become unusable. Each time the thief tries to boot up the PS5, they’ll get a message telling them the PS5 can’t access PSN or any PS5 account. So they can’t do anything with your stolen PS5.

For faster help, have your PS5 model and serial numbers ready when contacting PlayStation customer services.

The PS5 support team handles many cases of PS5 theft every day, so it might take time to track or brick your stolen PS5.

As you wait for this to happen, log into your PS5 account from a PC and change the account password, remove your card details, etc.

How to stop your PS5 from being stolen

There is no sure way to prevent your PS5 from being robbed, but you can take some measures to keep your console safe.

Some things you could do are:

Keep the purchase of your PS5 under wraps

I know you might want to brag to your friends on social media that you have snagged the PS5 after months of trying to do so. I advise against doing this.

Burglars have become sophisticated and are using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find homes in their area they can break into for valuables. Your PS5 social media posts could attract a burglar’s attention, which you want to avoid.

Check for vulnerable spots

Have you placed your PS5 at a spot in your house where someone outside can get a clear view of it? Walk around the exterior of your home to see if your windows give passersbys a view of valuables inside. If there are any weak points, ensure you take measures to cover them up.

Secure your home

Do this to not only keep your PS5 safe but also other valuables and your family.

To secure your house, you can install a home security system that sounds and alerts authorities if your front door or windows are open. This will scare any burglars who try getting into your house.

I use SimpliSafe, a home security system that is easy to install and one you can use to monitor what’s happening in your home from your phone or laptop when you’re away.

You can get the SimpliSafe Home Security System, which also has a 24/7 police and fire department professional monitoring service from Amazon.

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