How to Make Your Gaming YouTube Videos Better

You’ve created a gaming channel on YouTube, but you’re struggling in getting views and subscribers.

The secret to making it big on YouTube is to understand that there are no overnight sensations.

Pewdiepie didn’t become the most subscribed gaming channel overnight.

Consistency, patience, and tireless efforts are what will help you make it big on YouTube.

Remember; every YouTuber you see now getting millions of views on their videos was once stuck on less than 100 views.

So, no need to be demotivated if you aren’t getting your desired response on your YouTube videos, below I’ll mention a few tips that will help make your gaming videos better.

Which will, in turn, help you get more views and turn the majority of the viewers into subscribers.

In the article, I’ll be touching on:

  • The importance of custom channel art
  • Making the most of Youtube shorts
  • Why you need an intro and outro
  • Why collaborating with fellow YouTubers is a must
  • Why Focusing on creating quality thumbnails can massively boost your video’s viewership
  • And many more. 

So, without any further ado let’s get right into it!

Get Custom Channel Art/Profile

Consider this: you dress up for a job interview in order to increase your chances of getting the job.

This is called presentation, and this tip is all about that.

Gamers appreciate great-looking visuals in their games, and a channel with a classy banner and logo is sure to attract them.

While creators are accustomed to crisp editing and snappy graphics.

They often ignore channel art which is much more important than one might think.

Your channel should have a great avatar and banner that matches you and your content.

Although you can find lots of pre-made gaming templates as your logo and banner, I highly recommend you create your own.

Don’t know how to create an attractive banner? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

Check out this guide on how to create a custom banner for your YouTube gaming channel.

Get Better Equipment

To become a successful YouTuber, you must invest in good equipment.

You need to have a decent computer build along with good quality peripherals to relay noise-less and high-quality audio and video.

You can add RGB strips to make your PC setup more aesthetic.

And we all know RGB increases in-game FPS by +15.

If you upload and stream content from a console then you should invest in a reliable capture card.

Bad quality videos and stuttering during gameplay will leave a negative impact on your videos and your viewers might potentially unsubscribe from your channel due to low-quality content.

Also, having a high-quality mic, such as a Blu Yeti, is a must. 

Upload Gaming Videos Regularly

Before you launch a gaming YouTube channel, make a contract with yourself to post regularly.

You should publish at least once a week to create and grow a following on YouTube.

Why this number?

Well, YouTube has grown adept at presenting material to the correct audience.

If you publish four videos a month or one video a day, YouTube will continuously suggest your material.

Don’t burn out by following a crazy posting schedule.

Go gently.

That way, you’ll understand how YouTube fits into your life, whether that’s creating a balance between school, job, or family time.

Creating one video per week is much better than posting irregularly.

As mentioned in the intro – Consistency!

Include Intros/Outros

On YouTube, intros/outros are quite popular.

Generally, intros should be brief title cards that incorporate your name and graphics associated with the video.

Outros may continue for 10-20 seconds after a video concludes, promoting further videos and perhaps playing a catchy melody.

Don’t overdo it though!

Loud music and flashy graphics sometimes play the opposite role and you might end up losing subscribers instead of getting them!

Concentrate on a Single Game to Expand Your YouTube Channel

When you launch your YouTube channel, it will be tempting to play every game you have in your library.

You might feel like playing Valorant for a week and think about switching to PUBG the next.

This inconsistency might favor you but it will negatively impact your viewers who enjoyed your Valorant flicks.

Choose one game to play on YouTube if you want to expand your gaming channel.

It’s not only appealing to your viewers but also favors you with the YouTube algorithm.

 Although YouTube’s algorithm is advanced, it seems to favor a straightforward content approach.

If YouTube recognizes you as a content creator for Valorant, for example, it will promote your videos to people who regularly watch videos related to that game on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts

Shorts are designed for folks who watch YouTube on their mobile devices.

They’re ideal for creating humorous films, quick explainers, and anything else that doesn’t need a lengthy, conventional video.

Additionally, they are ideal for the gaming community.

YouTube Shorts capture the game’s most amusing, gut-busting moments, such as a character falling over a cliff or encountering odd, unexpected malfunctions.

Even if you don’t have anything amusing to give, you can record interesting easter eggs in games.

Once prepared, upload a couple of Shorts to your YouTube account.

I’ve seen gaming channels gain in popularity as a result of this material, and we’re not talking about little spikes here and there.

It is feasible to begin with a few hundred subscribers and quickly grow to tens of thousands of subs within a few months.

Collaborate With Other YouTubers Who Share Your Interests

This collection of YouTube gaming channel tips would be incomplete without encouraging you to collaborate with other YouTube gaming channels!

Collaboration is a strategy used by all of YouTube’s largest channels, and gaming channels are no exception.

Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to grow your channel as gets you in front of pre-existing audiences. 

You can work to leverage this audience in the hope of bringing some of the people back to your own audience. 

Collaborating with YouTubers sharing your niche is a great way to get exposure to a fan base that will love your content!

Always Listen To Feedback

To develop as a successful content creator, you must be receptive to feedback from your audience.

While you cannot satisfy everyone, you should consider their thoughts and criticism in order to develop.

Typically, your audience will either applaud or boo you, and you must cater to both modes of feedback.

Take the negative comments as constructive criticism and improve yourself with each negative comment instead of getting demotivated.

Create YouTube Thumbnails and Titles That Are Attractive

The names and thumbnails of videos are what actually attract people.

They persuade consumers to click on your videos, therefore this dynamic duo should be maximized at all times.

A video title isn’t simply for aesthetic purposes; it may also aid in your ascension in the YouTube search results.

If you can identify popular YouTube keywords that are not too competitive, you’re one step closer to producing excellent, click-worthy titles.

However, achieving a better position on YouTube is just half the fight.

After you’ve done that, the thumbnail for your video aids in getting more clicks.

Join a Gaming Community to Generate Ideas for YouTube Videos

The most difficult aspect of thriving on YouTube is brainstorming video ideas.

However, the remedy is straightforward: Do not attempt to do it alone.

The optimal environment in which to launch a YouTube gaming channel is with other players.

To begin, consider joining an online community such as Discord.

Locate a group focused on the game you play and then pay attention to what others say.

You’ll learn:

  •  The game is about to get significant improvements.
  •  Which features of the game pique people’s interest?
  •  Newcomers’ questions regarding the game

These three criteria – particularly the last one – might inspire intriguing video ideas.

If beginners have questions about a game, you may help them out by providing YouTube videos.

Additionally, don’t forget about Reddit and Steam’s gaming communities!

Creating videos for a gaming channel goes beyond just recording yourself playing games.

You have a plethora of topics to discuss related to gaming on your gaming YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for amazing ideas on what to record on your YouTube gaming channel, continue reading and I’ll mention a few ideas you can record for your channel.

Live Stream Video Games

There is a large demand for live broadcasts of many types of games, from popular new releases to oldies from decades ago, on YouTube.

Streaming the games you play will help your prospective fans to develop a personal relationship with you since they’ll be watching and engaging with you in real-time.

Remember to be yourself and have fun.

‘Top 10’ Videos

Top 10 videos draw a lot of interest because people want to know whether the games you placed on your list are the same as the ones they would have picked.

That’s the reason why themes such as Top Ten Car Chase Games, or even 10 Worst Games Ever Created, are likely to draw views.

Gaming News

The video game environment is incredibly dynamic.

Whether it’s a new game or news about a highly anticipated game, there’s always something fresh to speak about.

Beyond presenting facts people may get elsewhere, be sure to add your response to the news.

People who subscribe to you are interested in your thoughts.

Gaming news videos are a terrific method to obtain more views by covering a subject that is presently popular.

Gaming Tutorials

Gaming lessons should concentrate on offering support.

Generally, a lesson should answer an issue someone else could have whether it’s getting through a hard level or comprehending a weapons system.

Try to keep the length of gaming lessons in the five-minute range.

People often desire to learn rapidly.

Explain Game Series

Are you a Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty expert?

If yes, then developing a video that describes a complete series — its concept, tales, the universe, and significant themes – may be a terrific idea.

It will appeal to individuals who already know what you’re talking about (people will want to fact check you) and as well as folks who got confused mid-way into a series.

Game Analysis

Some people say gaming doesn’t need a lot of thought, but you know such folks are incorrect.

A number of games need outstanding problem-solving abilities, some offer thought-provoking tales, and those that are fast-paced require the player to keep cognitively engaged.

If you’ve got something insightful to say about the greater significance, influence of a game, or if you want to provide a different viewpoint on it, then you may want to create an analytical video.

You don’t necessarily have to analyze what happened in the game, you can also give your two cents on fan theories or create theories of your own!


I’ve talked about quite a few ways that you can make your Youtube video better in this article. So here’s a quick reminder of all the main points before you go. 

To improve your gaming youtube videos, you should:

  • Create custom channel art for your channel such as logos and banner art.
  • Get better equipment, particularly a better microphone and better sound setup.
  • Be consistent: upload 1 or 2 videos each week regularly. Less really is more here. 
  • Make a good intro and outro using Canva. 
  • You could try focusing on a single game to expand your channel. 
  • Take advantage of Youtube shorts. They are starting to be really popular. 
  • Collaborating with other YouTubers gets you in front of their audiences and boosts your channel’s growth.
  • Always listen to your viewers’ feedback in the comments
  • Create custom thumbnails, always. They really are extremely important. Check out our article on the importance of thumbnails here.
  • Join different gaming communities such as forums to generate great ideas for videos. 
  • Try live streaming games. They can give you great material for videos.  
  • Create Top 10 videos. For some reason, people love lists of things. And games are no exception. Try making a list of games that made you feel a particular emotion. Such as “The top 10 games that made me cry!”
  • Cover gaming news. It’s always being searched for and can massively boost your viewership very quickly. 
  • Make game tutorials. They are very popular because most people suck at gaming. 
  • Make videos about just one game series. This can grow a fan-following of people who are as passionate as you about that series. 
  • Make videos that analyze the game you love in technical ways. 

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