Buying A YouTube Channel (Complete Step-by-step buying process)

Creating and growing a YouTube channel is a demanding task.

You create your channel thinking that you’ll easily attract millions of subscribers.

But, as time passes, you struggle to hit your first 100 subscribers, never mind a million.

At this point, most people, unfortunately, lose their motivation and abandon their dream of becoming successful YouTubers. But there is a way forward to success.

You can either work hard at creating content consistently to get a stream of subscribers organically through SEO.


You can take a shortcut and buy YouTube channels!

Yes! You can buy YouTube channels with subscribed users and videos with thousands of views, interactions, and engagements.

This guide will help you buy monetized YouTube channels. But before you get too excited, let’s check to see if buying a YouTube channel is a good idea.

Is buying a YouTube channel a good idea?

Before you pay someone a chunk of money to own their channel and subscribers, it’s helpful to understand why you may want to purchase someone’s YouTube account.

There are several advantages to buying an established YouTube Channel.

The main attraction of buying a monetized Youtube channel is saving time. A lot of time.

Other reasons include:

  1. You can buy monetized YouTube channels with previously uploaded material. In that case, you will generate money immediately and start getting a return on your investment.
  2. Usually, channels for sale are frequently YouTube Review Channels which can be monetized with affiliate links.
  3. A mature monetized youtube account can start getting you a return on your investment from day 1.
  4. Getting people to Subscribe requires a lot of time and work.
  5. Buying a YouTube account would save years of work uploading videos.

Instead of spending years laying the foundation of your youtube channel, you can buy monetized youtube channels and start promoting and growing them from day one.

By purchasing a monetized channel, your main objective would be to boost your followers with additional quality content.

Is it legal to buy YouTube Channels?

Yes! Buying a YouTube channel is entirely legal! A YouTube account is the digital property of the account’s user. The user can do as they please with the channel.

Now that you know that there’s nothing wrong with buying a YouTube channel, here are a few questions you should ask before transferring your money:

What is the channel’s subscriber count?

The channel’s subscriber count will have the greatest influence on the channel’s total worth.

This information is critical if you want to make a return on the youtube accounts that you invested in.

Youtube Accounts with less than a thousand subscribers are dirt-cheap and not worth buying. Additionally, a channel under 1000 subs is not a monetized channel. Not with ads, anyway.

Keep in mind that it’s key that the channel you’re thinking of buying has existing subscribers. Buying a channel without subscribers is a sure-fire way to waste your money.

Are the subscribers active?

Verify how many subscribers the YouTube account has and if the subscriptions are still active

You may accomplish this by checking whether videos have comments and likes.

Some channels contain bot subscribers, which may become an issue if YouTube eliminates bots, as Instagram and Twitter have done.

When monitoring the channel’s activity, it’s critical to remember that engagement levels are often far lower than the number of views and subscribers.

Therefore, if you have a few thousand subscribers and just a few hundred views on each video, that is OK.

Suppose a channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers but fewer than 100 views for each video. In that case, this might imply that most subscribers are bots.

If you find youtube channels with active subscribers, snap them up.

Is the channel monetized?

Even if the channel has millions of followers, you will not be able to make any advertising money from it until YouTube approves the channel for monetization.

Suppose a channel with more than 1000 subscribers has not yet been monetized. Then it’s your job to get monetization enabled on the channel. You can do this by applying for the Youtube partner program. Also, check out Youtube’s terms and conditions and the channel details to ensure the channel meets the partnership program’s requirements.

If you’re buying YouTube channels for sale, the original owner should monetize them, so you’ll know that the channel is in the clear with YouTube policies and earning revenue.

  • If the channel is not yet monetized, have you begun the approval procedure for monetization?
  • If a channel is not yet monetized, the owner must at the very least have initiated the monetization approval process.
  • If they haven’t, wait until they do before purchasing the channel.

If they have been denied monetization, you must discover why, as it will affect your channel’s growth in the long run.

Also, several youtube services outside of ads will help you monetize a channel, such as affiliates and sponsorships.

What is the channel’s monthly ad revenue?

Channel revenue should be taken into account when buying.

If the channel has been monetized with the Youtube Partner Program, it is already earning money from advertisements monthly. However, you must treat buying a Youtube account as a business. Therefore, you should clearly understand the channel’s current monthly revenue.

A channel’s Monthly revenue is the strongest indicator of the potential return on investment you can expect. For example, if you pay $10,000 for a monetized account, and that channel has monthly revenue of $2,000, discounting other expenses, you can expect a return on your investment in 5 months.

Just keep in mind a channel’s monthly revenue can substantially fluctuate throughout the year, especially if the Channel you have bought targets a seasonal niche.

This is why it’s essential to buy monetized Youtube accounts with channels making money instead of accounts with no monetized channel.

How much income does the channel earn monthly from affiliate sales?

Numerous sold YouTube channels are review channels that provide viewers with affiliate product recommendations.

Suppose you’re considering purchasing one of these channels. In that case, it’s also vital to know how much the channel owner earns in affiliate earnings each month.

Also, you must make sure that those affiliate accounts come with the Youtube account you are buying.

How old is the channel?

Older accounts with more content have more ranking power and trust than younger ones.

Suppose an older account continues to get active interaction from its subscriber base. In that case, it’s more valuable than a younger channel receiving the same amount of engagement.

An older but inactive channel can be a hassle too.

If a channel has been inactive for more than a year, most subscribers will either unsubscribe or start ignoring the channel.

They may forget about the channel when you resume posting. Even if they do, there is a strong possibility that they will be uninterested in the channel’s content.

Moreover, YouTube SEO won’t favor the channel anymore because there will be a lack of engagement. YouTube doesn’t like to push content that people have no interest in seeing.

Does the channel have any strikes against it?

Strikes against a channel can affect its worth.

Strikes are often obtained via copyright infringement, although there are alternative methods.

Fortunately, a single strike is rather easy to handle.

Three strikes within three months will result in the deletion of your channel. Therefore a single strike should not scare you away from making a purchase.

However, it will turn the tides in your favor during price negotiation.

Is there a face associated with the channel?

The primary problem that most channel buyers encounter is replacing the face and personality associated with the account.

Suppose subscribers have become used to a particular individual appearing in the videos. In that case, it will be tough to replace that person without experiencing a significant loss of followers.

You will also have to explain what happened to the previous owner. Some people might not look forward to the thought of the YouTuber they liked watching becoming a sellout.

Some people might also have trust issues in the content you’ll be posting as, to them, you’ll appear as a newbie who just bought the account.

Make sure you can make content equal to or better than the channel you purchase to keep the users interested and gain subscribers instead of losing them.

Now that you know the essential aspects to consider before purchasing a YouTube account let’s check out how much a YouTube channel costs?

How much do YouTube channels cost to buy?

YouTube channels’ costs vary from channel to channel.

Keeping the factors mentioned above in mind, you can determine if a channel is worth the price.

A channel with many strikes, fake subscribers, and dormant accounts isn’t worth a lot of money, even if it has a lot of subscribers.

The problem with such accounts is that you’ll have to work hard to get the engagement back and work on the channel as you would on a newly created one.

So, a person might consider making a new account if the account they are buying requires the same effort as a new channel.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money to purchase a YouTube channel, you should make sure that:

  1. The channel has a lot of real subscribers.
  2. It is monetized or close to monetization.
  3. The channel has content posted recently.
  4. Content is generating revenue through affiliate links.

So, we’ve covered the part about the factors that need to be kept under consideration. Let’s check out where you can buy a YouTube channel.

Where Can You Buy Monetized YouTube Channels From?

You need to choose where and how you’ll get the YouTube Channel you desire to acquire.

You might seek assistance from a trustworthy third-party website that advertises YouTube Channels for sale on Google, or you could hunt for a seller on your own.

You should include an escrow provider in the transaction regardless of your chosen path.

When seeking to buy a YouTube channel, you have two options:

  • Contact the channel owner.
  • Buy from trustworthy third-party sources.

If you want to buy a channel directly, contact the owner on YouTube and ask if their channel is for sale and how much it would cost.

The perk of buying from the owner is that you’ll be able to negotiate the price.

While the second option – Purchasing from a third-party website – won’t provide you the freedom to negotiate.

They will have fixed prices for the channels they have to offer.

Let’s check out a few websites where you can buy a YouTube channel, addressing what they have to offer if you buy from them!

What are the best websites for buying a Monetized Youtube channel? 

Growing a YouTube channel is a lengthy process that needs continuous original content and promotion.

Below are some websites that’ll help you buy a YouTube channel to earn more money.

Most Premium Choice: Fameswap

Fameswap is an excellent option for purchasing monetized channels. They can assist you with monetized YouTube channels and social media profiles.

They are a market leader in buying and selling established YouTube channels and Instagram profiles. 

However, Fameswap’s marketing leading position comes at a price: Channels on their site cost a lot. 

For instance, one YouTube channel on their site costs, at the time of writing, $15,000. But that channel boasts over 300,000 YouTube followers. I suppose you do get what you pay for, after all. 

This implies that the YouTube channel you purchase from them will earn money from day 1 of your purchase which is a pretty good deal.

Fameswap has a whooping rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Check out the Frameswap marketplace here.

Moderately Priced: ACCS Market

ACCS Market is an excellent resource not only for purchasing monetized YouTube channels but also for selling them.

If you own a YouTube channel with a large following and want to sell it, ACCS Market is the place to be.

The first YouTube channel they’re offering costs $8000 and has 300,000 followers. Owning this YouTube channel will earn you around $1300 per month simply from using an Adsense account.

They offer a large selection of monetized YouTube channels in various categories. I feel that these guys are an excellent option if you want to learn everything about a YouTube channel before purchasing it while also considering your budget.

ACCS Market provides multiple options to fit any budget, with some channels selling for as little as $30.

ACCS Market reviews well on Trustpilot with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Check out the ACCS Marketplace here.

Low Budget: EazyViral

EazyViral is a wonderful alternative for anybody looking to purchase a monetized YouTube channel.

EazyViral provides a very competitive price when compared to other providers.

They claim that their YouTube channels are already monetizable, implying they each have between 1000 and 2000 high-quality subscribers.

This means you can have a head start on YouTube in general, and it will be far more straightforward than beginning from scratch.

The most significant thing is that there are no copyright concerns or community strikes. They provide free Adsense accounts and premium banner design and logo creation.

They guarantee that everything about their services, including delivery, is swift.

One monetized YouTube channel costs $380, two cost $720, and you may go up to 25 monetized YouTube channels for $5000. Again, these are only monetized with an Adsense account. So there’s plenty of scope for increasing income with affiliate links and sponsorships.

Check out the EasyViral marketplace here.

After picking out the best YouTube channel buying website that suits your needs, read on to find out the step-by-step guide on buying a YouTube channel.

How do you buy a youtube channel? 

Numerous websites will function as an intermediary or broker for anyone interested in buying or selling a Youtube channel.

You should tread carefully, though, because there are many scam sites. 

With such a severe danger of getting scammed, it is critical to choose a reputable website to guarantee a successful transaction.

Above, you will find three well-regarded and reputable websites that provide a secure payment channel so you can purchase a YouTube channel without the worry of being scammed.

Conduct thorough research

Finding a third party that offers a monetized YouTube channel is not difficult if you do a thorough investigation.

There are several methods for obtaining the information you need to make an informed decision:

  • Searching online
  • Acquiring knowledge from forums
  • Interacting with experts

Determine the Size and Price of Your Target Channel

The next consideration is the size of the YouTube channel you want to acquire. This is a vital step to take when you want to buy a monetized Youtube channel.

You’ll see channels with a few thousand to a few million subscribers.

And as expected, the price will increase with the number of subscribers.

Channel owners will look to sell channels like these for a premium.

Examine the channel’s monthly income.

While some channels may have fewer members, they may have a greater level of interaction and views, resulting in more income.

Subscriber count doesn’t always correspond with revenue.

Most brokerage websites display monthly revenue alongside subscriber count, views, and comparable indicators.

Calculating the number of subscribers, views, and income you want can assist you in determining the pricing range of possible channels.

Alternatively, you may determine which channels are accessible within that range by specifying a budget.

Above are a few websites mentioned, so explore them to check out the one that fits your budget.

Gaining Ownership Of A Channel

After you pay for a channel, the channel’s original owner will add your account as an owner.

Then they will make you the channel’s primary owner.

This step takes around 24 hours due to YouTube’s verification restrictions.

Once you have been designated as the principal owner, you may delete the other owners from the channel, making it entirely yours.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on your channel’s logo on the top right and click on ‘Settings.’
  2. Click on ‘Channel Status and Features’
  3. Click on ‘Permissions’ in the newly opened menu and ensure you are the box’s sole owner.

This is the point at which there is a danger of being scammed.

Between the time you submit the money and the time you become the primary owner, there must be a degree of trust.

Due to this danger, you must use a trusted website.

They will not release the funds to the vendor until you get hold of the account.

There are many scamming websites out there, so be careful!

What to do after buying a YouTube channel?

Easy! You can:

  • Make your videos rank high with improved SEO, check out our guide here.
  • Increase viewers and watch time by improving the content. We have a guide for you here.
  • Create customized YouTube art, such as banners, thumbnails, and logos, with the help of our guides.


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